Ban Horse Slaughter in US: PCRP Calls for Support for SAFE Act

Ban Horse Slaughter in US: PCRP Calls for Support for SAFE Act

Against the loud outcry from animal rights advocates and the feelings of majority of American population, the current US government made horse slaughter legal in the country a few years ago when President Obama approved funding for USDA’s inspections made for horse slaughter.  Horse

The Physician’s Committee on Responsible Medicine (PCRP) is now calling on all Americans to email their respective members of congress and ask for banning “toxic meat”, which would include horse meat, from entering food markets.

Recently, President Obama signed a budget measure that stops USDA from spending on inspections for horse slaughter in US. This is a landmark move by the President and welcomed by animal rights and Americans who are against horse slaughter. However, more needs to be done, as PCRP says, to permanently ban horse slaughter via the SAFE Act.

“The bipartisan Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act outlaws the slaughter of American horses both at home and abroad as well as the sale of horse meat to, from, and within the United States,” reads an email notification from PCRB.

Readers, who are US citizens, can contact their respective congressmen via PCRP’s online form.

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