Australia: Mother Gives Premature Birth to Triplet to Save Baby Girl

Australia: Mother Gives Premature Birth to Triplet to Save Baby Girl

Doctor’s advice or motherly instinct – which one would you trust more? In Perth, Australia, a mother chose to give birth to a triplet prematurely instead of following the doctors’ expert opinion of killing the baby girl to let the boys live.

Life News calls them “Miracle Triplets”. The three twins were born to 22-year-old Chloe Dunstan at 28 weeks, i.e. 7 months, because the doctors told the mom the baby girl in her uterus was struggling with healthy levels of oxygen and nutrients. She could die if the mom waited for the normal delivery time for the boys – who were doing good. But if she gave birth early, all of them could either survive or struggle for life.robomases

Faced with a difficult choice, Dunstan was advised by the doctor to let the baby girl die in favor of timely birth for the boys. But her motherly instinct wouldn’t accept the medical calculation. She decided to deliver all three babies prematurely. And the three siblings – Henry, Rufus and Pearl – opened eyes in the world, all safe.

Daily Mail published photos of the newborns along with the parents and their other siblings. Pearl is smaller than her brother, but she was given a chance and as they say nothing is bigger than life. It’s a happy story for a happy family.

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