Shigella Outbreak Reported in Kansas City

Shigella Outbreak Reported in Kansas City

On Saturday, Fox News reported an outbreak of Shigella infection in Kansas City, MO, with 150 cases confirmed in the city. Officials in the city have warned the people asking to watch for the main symptoms that characterize the disease – high fever and upset stomach or abdominal problem.Shigella_stool

According to Fox News, the city has seen a rapid rise in the number of Shigella cases in the past couple of months, adding 134 cases to an already existing outbreak. Diarrhea, high fever, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting are the main symptoms of the disease sometimes accompanied by seizures.

One thing Fox News included in the story is quote from Kansas City Health Department Media Spokesperson Bill Snook. He says: “They need to go to a doctor because antibiotics will help less the duration of the virus.” Now this is kind of confusing because Shigella is a bacterial infection, so there doesn’t need to be any virus-related issue here. It’s not clear whether the reporter or editor of the story asked the spokesperson about it.

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