Australia Measles Outbreak – Were the Patients Vaccinated?

Australia Measles Outbreak – Were the Patients Vaccinated?

Australia was reportedly declared free of measles by the World Health Organization (WHO) last year. But measles is spreading again at the University of Queensland and media appears to be ignoring or hiding some important information.

ABC News reports that 7 students at the famous university in Australia have so far contracted measles – a small outbreak that has been in news over the past five weeks. While the WHO credits the country’s measles-free status to the measles vaccination campaign, the current outbreak creates doubts about this claim. And the reason for the doubts owes to the missing information. So what’s missing from news/media reports?measles

It’s the vaccination status of the students who contracted the disease. If the students were vaccinated against measles, the current outbreak provides further evidence to already mounting evidence of the vaccine’s failure in protecting people from measles. So omitting such important information serves the vaccine industry.

If the students were unvaccinated, media would likely highlight it so as to make a point that remaining unvaccinated puts you at risk. But given the silence of the news sources over the vaccination status stands as another example of interest-serving journalism when it comes to vaccines and their shady and shaky history.

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