Measles Back in Australia as Media Hides Information on Vaccination Status of Patients

Measles Back in Australia as Media Hides Information on Vaccination Status of Patients

Mainstream media in Australia has resorted to omission of important information on vaccination status of patients as measles has made its comeback in the country.polio-vaccine

In March 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Australia measles-free i.e. achieving elimination of measles. But as we see it now, it was a marketing stunt to promote vaccination. Currently, global media is ignoring the recent outbreak of measles in Australia, but the country’s own media is actively making misleading stories to save face.

Australia’s ABC News reported 14 cases of measles in February this year. The outbreak was reported from Melbourne, Victoria, and official sources and medical experts blamed vaccine-resistance for the reappearance of measles. However, neither included any information on the vaccination status of the patients—how many of them were vaccinated and still contracted the infection and how many were unvaccinated.

Then in July, ABC again reported more cases of measles in Victoria, pointing to risk of a “significant outbreak”—whatever that means; far as science is concerned, no such term is in my knowledge as to what is a “significant outbreak” and what is not-so-significant. But here too, the media kept silent on the vaccination status of the affected people, yet regurgitated the old vaccine advocacy propaganda that people need to update themselves on the measles vaccine.

Given the omission of any mention of vaccination status points to the problem with the very foundation of vaccines: there is no independently-verified scientific evidence that they work. Also, media continues to hide or downplay the risks associated with vaccination. Yet constant outpouring of pharma-sponsored propaganda in favor of vaccination is used to brainwash people who lack knowledge and reason to critically question the product and practice of vaccination.

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