Animal Rescuers Team Up to Get Paralyzed Pup from China to US

Animal Rescuers Team Up to Get Paralyzed Pup from China to US

Dog rescuers and animal rights advocates have boarded on a mission to save Bert, a paralyzed puppy in China, and give him a new life by bringing him to US.


Bert was found in urgent need of rescue near Shinghai, China, by an American citizen who took it to a vet for urgent medical care. She has since networked Bert’s story via a number of rescue groups in the US and friends working in animal rescues. As Bert is getting better gradually, a dog rescue called Mutt Scouts based in Los Angeles is leading an effort to rehome Bert by moving him over to America.

Following is a message from animal rights advocate Kerri Ross as she shares Bert’s situation.

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I’m working with some local rescue folks up in LA to get Bert over here from China. Yes it’s a long haul but I know as a community we can make this happen. I wanted to share with you the story of Bert and see if you can’t donate a little something to help pay for his transport over here. If we could get $5 or $10 from our village of animal advocates and lovers, I know we could easily raise funds. If we skip lunch or our morning Starbucks and offer up that money to help Bert I would be forever grateful to everyone for being so selfless and generous.

If you can’t donate, the next best thing is to share this story. PLEASE help get Bert to Los Angeles where he has a team of people waiting to help which includes rescue and therapy and a HUGE fan club.

This Sweet, Beautiful pup in China.

1. Homeless. Starving puppy. Paralyzed. Dragging himself through streets of Chengdu. He spots someone.

2. A woman in China wrote us after reading of Thor’s story and said she was heading home with her dog, and this other dog – starving & scavenging for food on the streets – followed her – all the way to her house. No ordinary pup, this kid – like Thor – had no use of his back legs and literally hopped and dragged himself all the way behind her.

This kind soul who noted that he is “very very Sweet and Smart,” took him to the vet, named him Bert, and put out the plea to us to get this young Shepherd mix help in the US. You see the vet there told this compassionate woman that the ‘local shelter’ would ‘take’ Bert.

Knowing of the meat & fur trade industry in China, the overpopulation, abuse & conditions…  and also how much more difficult it is for handicapped animals everywhere, we cautioned her that this truly was likely NOT a safe option. Thankfully/Thoughtfully she did research on this ONE shelter, and it is peopled by 15 employees…. and 4000 dogs. Yes. 4000.

The call to action to SAVE THIS LIFE was instant: We wish to get Bert out – and US bound.
Why Bert? Well, like Thor Bert is a SURVIVOR & an INSPIRATION. It is enough that he literally Begged Help by attaching himself to this woman and her pup, dragging himself through the streets after her… but the hope is that Bert’s rescue can raise awareness: that any of us can – when united – HELP…and spread the word.

We are in need of YOU to get Bert to safety.

It appears that this is in process, and she is following protocol and getting Bert past his authorization-exit from China, and are now looking into flight options. Bert needs a rescue or individual(s) that will work with his condition. Like Thor, the cause is not known.
Bert’s was skin & bones underneath that coat, and was full of parasites. Yet through it all, he remained a sweet pup. He was gentle and kind with the woman’s own dog, despite being sickly and starved. Bert is a young pup, maybe six or seven months, so the prognosis for potential/strides made through Therapy for his back legs are huge.

Our Mission Here:

We wish to raise the funds to finish Bert’s vetting there, get him on a flight and landed in US grounds, and point he and his new people toward doctors and rehab here.
For LA approved rescues: Two Hands Four Paws – where Thor goes – is interested in working with Bert.

PLEASE donate whatever you are able, at

Yes, one dollar, three dollars, ten dollars and more, ALL count toward saving Bert from a certain hellish fate.

teamTHOR: Not only are you Assisting & Representing for others like Thor, by Literally SAVING BERT’S LIFE… but you are helping turn Needed Focus on the Devastating Problems for animals in China.

Awareness is the Way.Unlike select organizations, Every Penny of the money we raise at teamTHOR for Bert, will go to Bert and his people. Yes, we are a Non-Profit; so your donation is tax deductible.

Many of You have said you were moved by Thor’s Struggle To Stay Alive, and His Daily Fight To Get Stronger.
And that You would Like To Do More, and Help Others…
Here you go: Meet Bert.
Now let’s PLEASE QUICKLY Unite To Get Him To Safety.


Kerri Ross

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