5 Tips for Choosing the Best Patent Attorney

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Patent Attorney

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For tasting commercial success, it is essential for inventors to carefully develop and market their findings and developments. The need for proper planning and execution cannot be stressed enough in this regard. What is even more important is to protect the idea with intellectual property rights. This is a critical step and requires preparation for filing the patent application.

What can a patent attorney do for you?

A patent attorney is a legal professional who is well-versed in drafting effective patents and assist the investors in securing one. The aspects of a patent application can be confusing and lengthy.

Having an attorney do it for you will assure sure-shot success at filing the application. Their knowledge, commitment, and experience help you securely maximize your rights to your invention. Follow the link to learn more about the role of the related attorney – https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/patent-attorney.asp.


There are numerous benefits of relying on a patent attorney. They aid you throughout in the acquisition of strong patents.

  • Expertise

Licensed attorneys have an understanding of legal aspects for securing a patent. They are skilled at explaining the underlying technology of an invention which is critical to securing a patent. As they are focused on trademarks and patents, they have a better understanding of the process of application. They are aware of the norms that will promise an approval from the bodies.

  • Can deal with complex legal procedures

The process of securing a patent is extremely complex. Any mistake in the process can result in a loss of legal rights. For navigating through the complex structure of the application, you must rely on a legal patent advisor.

  • Legal advice

They spend a considerable amount of time in understanding your invention. Hence, they can provide you the right legal advice in commercializing your ideas or for attaining your business goals. They will ensure that you take the right approach towards filing the application and publicizing your invention.

If you want to protect your great idea before disclosing it to the public, you will have to rely on a patent attorney. Deciding which law firm to rely on can often be a challenge for many. Here are a few tips that you can follow in choosing the best ones in the industry to protect your invention ideas.

  1. Hire a patent attorney and not just any attorney

If you want to file a patent for securing your invention idea, then you need to rely on a registered and qualified attorney that deals in it. You would like to hire someone with the necessary expertise and technical background in sciences who have passed the given set of examinations or hold the required license.

Collaborate with someone who focuses specifically on patents and intellectual rights. Many organizations such as Tatonetti IP are dedicated exclusively for dealing matters of patent filing and for protecting businesses and ideas. General Law firms simply have one or more related attorneys on board.

Don’t hesitate in spending sometime in looking around for the right one. Experts in the field generally engage in free discussions and charge you only once you have started the process. These meetings will help you identify the right person you can rely on for patenting your invention.

  1. Rely on an attorney with expertise in the field

Filing a patent is not a simple process that anybody with a law degree can do. The application comprises of both technical and legal details. This is the reason why you need to find an attorney who is capable of understanding what your invention is all about at a technical level.

Having a better understanding will help them draft their documents clearly and fully. You can check their technical background by accessing their profile from a law firm website.

Meeting the attorney before commencing with the process is of utmost importance. Ask them questions right away if you have any. While disclosing your idea, make sure that they understand the technology that you are disclosing to them. Click to understand how you can shortlist an inventor-friendly attorney. Find the one who asks insightful questions and demonstrates a thorough understanding of what your idea is all about.

  1. Discuss the billing arrangements and cost of securing a patent

You should never engage with a firm for drafting your application until you are clear about what they would charge you. Often it happens that the attorney understands the complexities and technology and provides a range of anticipated costs at a later stage.

It is best to discuss the total cost of securing a patent with experts in the industry. Filing an application is just the first step. A lot of procedures would be queued up for the later stage. Hence, you need to consider all the costs and discuss it beforehand.

  1. Discuss the association of the firm with the governing bodies

While making the decision to hire, check what kind of reputation the firm has with the application body. Checking their reputation can be a great way of shortlisting your options. Those who have regular interactions with individuals conducting patent examining interviews will have greater success at securing you one.

  1. Check the firm’s experience at foreign filing

If you are keen on filing your patent internationally, then make sure to verify the experience of the firm in foreign filing. You can ask the advisors a handful of questions so as to understand their process and experience better.

Check how many international patents they have filed successfully and what kind of a relationship they have with the firms that deal with such patents. Also, check if they litigate patents. This can be quite helpful for you in the longer run.

In summary

Choosing a patent attorney is not an easy process. While engaging with a firm, make sure to identify what level of experience they have and the amount of success they have had at filing applications. Considering all the above-mentioned factors can help you make an informed decision in selecting the right organization.


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