The Reality of Increasing COVID 19 Cases in Texas

The Reality of Increasing COVID 19 Cases in Texas

By now there is no doubt left to the aware ones that the whole COVID 19 “pandemic” is actually the “plandemic” orchestrated by the leftist establishment in and outside the United States. We have seen how the health authorities keep changing their stories of history, symptoms, causes, and treatment/prevention of this hoax made possible via mainstream propaganda cartels.

The main foundation of this organized hoax which has successfully been sold to the world as a deadly pandemic is statistics. Manipulated and made-up numbers have been used to fool people into believing that this is a raging pandemic. The higher the number, the more they can get people scared and fall for their web of lies.

The recent example of the open-fraud nature of this has been explained in a video shared yesterday on The Last Refuge.

According to the new guidance anyone who comes into contact with a person who tests positive is now also considered positive.

The post documents the source, which is the Department of State Health Services, Texas. The PDF document link to the source is included in the post. The video included below is active at this time on YouTube and exposes the reality of this fake disease which has not been scientifically proved to either exist or afflict people like a real serious disease. Nothing but numbers and scaremongering.

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