Young Man Raising Money to Keep Farm Going after FBI Targets the Patriotic Family

Young Man Raising Money to Keep Farm Going after FBI Targets the Patriotic Family

The reality of the FBI is hardly a secret anymore. From protecting criminals like Hunter Biden to covering up murders like that of Philip Haney and illegally spying on conservative leaders like Donald Trump, the FBI seems to be the front-desk agents of the anti-American leftist establishment. No surprises then that they have targeted a god-fearing American family over peacefully protesting at the federal capitol on January 6th, 2020.

Meet Zack Meggs, the 22-year-old guy from Dunnellon, Florida, whose parents – Kelly Meggs and Connie Meggs – were arrested by the FBI in February when they peacefully protested at the capitol in DC on January 6th – the event that was infiltrated and criminally steered by leftists in collusion with the DC police but blamed on patriots and conservatives to politically persecute and intimidate them. Zack had to leave his apartment and take care of the family while struggling to meet expenses due to the source of income being slashed by the arrest and detention of his parents. He had to reach out to The Gateway Pundit to request help from fellow Americans.

The following is part of Zack’s story in his words about what happened when the FBI raided their farm.

They were arrested in connection to the events at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. My parents are both God-fearing and loving parents/grandparents. They took my father while on his commute to his job and they took my mother while she fed our animals. The feds proceeded to let all our donkeys loose and I had to find them in our neighborhood and bring them back. They pointed guns at my sister and I fear for the trauma my nephew might have gained from seeing his beloved grandparents being arrested by men armed with military weapons.

With an income of less than 10 thousand a year, the young but courageous Zack Meggs counted on good Samaritans to contribute to his family as they go through the disaster imposed on them by the corrupt government. The crowdfunding campaign launched by the Meggs family on GiveSendGo has received a great response from caring people, totaling to the amount of nearly $140 thousand against the target of $150 thousand. Zack and his family are overwhelmed by this heartwarming response to their call for help.

Zack posted an update on his fundraiser page on March 17th, saying:

 Thank you all so much! I never thought this would happen. I am in such disbelief right now. God is good, as soon as the article was published I proceeded to go to my church and I thanked God for everything He has done for me. My mother began crying tears of joy when I told her what was happening, and I haven’t been able to speak to my dad since the article was first published but I imagine the same will happen from him. We all felt so alone, that the world hated our family because of how the news was treating us, but this has given us so much hope and faith in humanity. Thank you all and may God bless all of you!

The story of the Meggs Family is one of those reassuring real-life stories where an innocent family becomes the victim of bad guys but good people come to rescue and help them back on their feet. It is an indicator of the good in a society that counters the bad and offers hope and healing.

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