Wrong Administration of COVID Vaccine, No Accountability

Wrong Administration of COVID Vaccine, No Accountability

The crimes of the vaccine mafia not only span fake science and daily misinformation about vaccine safety and efficacy but also medical malpractice and criminal negligence. Wrong administration of vaccines is such a crime reported now and then, but the culprits get away completely or get a slap on the wrist.

The latest in this series of vaccine mafia’s crimes is administering expired COVID vaccine to about 900 people during a mass vaccination event in New York. The Epoch Times reported:

The New York City Health Department confirmed that 899 individuals got Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine at the former NFL Experience building between June 5 and June 10.

If the country weren’t controlled by the vaccine mafia and their accomplice in the authorities and media, it would be a big scandal worthy of urgent probe as public heath was put at risk. But since the reality happens to be quite the opposite, the culprits of this medical malpractice simply talked to Pfizer, the vaccine maker, and told the victims of wrongful administration of the shots that they need another shot of fresh vaccine. No regard for pubic health or safety, only making the sheep take as many shots as they can by whatever means.

It was just a couple months ago that dozens of prisoners in Iowa became the victims of wrong administration of the same COVID vaccine. One inmate was given six times of the recommended dose. However no one went to prison. After a so-called investigation, two nurses were found to be responsible and have been fired by the Department of Corrections as reported in The Gazette. Details of the investigation were not shared with public, as one would expect.

These are not the only cases of wrong administration of COVID vaccines. Many reports have been published from all over the country about this epidemic of medical malpractice. In February, a Massachusetts CVS pharmacy administered wrong doses of COVID vaccines to “a limited number of patients” and made news.

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