‘Whistle Down the Wind’ (1961) – Rotten Cows

‘Whistle Down the Wind’ (1961) – Rotten Cows

British movie Whistle Down the Wind (1961) by Bryan Forbes is a timeless gem. The movie’s lead characters are three kids—two sisters and their younger brother—who live on a farm with their father and aunt. In trying to save some kittens, they discover an injured man hiding in their barn. They are convinced that the visitor is Jesus Christ who has arrived there to help them with the kittens.

The story, the dialogue, the characters, direction, editing, and the metaphor are all pitch-perfect. It’s a classic that engages one from the opening sequence to the closing credits and then stays with the viewer.

The movie has a number of scenes showing the expostulation among the siblings. The young boy, Charles (played by Alan Barnes), is the one who steals the show. This clip from the first half hour of the movie shows why.

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