Vaccinated Girl in Las Vegas Succumbs to Flu

Vaccinated Girl in Las Vegas Succumbs to Flu

In yet another case of failed flu vaccine, a 5-year-old girl in Las Vegas died just days after she contracted flu. She had been vaccinated against flu.flushot

Inquisitr reports that Kiera Driscoll ran a fever and had difficulty breathing while the treatments didn’t work well for her. She ultimately became unconscious while under treatment and passed away the next day of heart failure.

The sad story has left people feeling the loss of the young life, but the media’s pro-vaccination policy isn’t raising questions about the failure of the tirelessly promoted flu vaccine, that even its promoters admit might not work. Still, part of their promotion is sticking to the “but it works” story that has no objective proof or validity.

The vaccine-promoting media also knows how to appeal to people’s emotions instead of critically examining the vaccine efficacy issue. In the Inquisitr story, for example, only the headline says the girl was vaccinated. The vaccination question is never raised in the story. Instead, at the end, the story includes a quote from the parents advocating the flu vaccine.

What is the truth value of grieving parents on a health issue? Their loss is indescribably big, but does it mean their advocacy for, or against, a vaccine logically holds. If so, then the testimonies of all those parents must be held valid who have appeared on media and telling how their children were brain injured, disabled, and/or died by vaccination.

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