Vaccinated Child in Balochistan Gets Polio

Vaccinated Child in Balochistan Gets Polio

The bogus science of vaccination failed once again while the corporate interest of World Health Organization (WHO) won once again when a four-month young baby in Chaman, Balochistan, contracted polio despite having received two doses of polio drops.polio-vaccine

As has been the policy of lamestream propaganda cartels, Pakistan’s popular daily Dawn chose to quoted “an official” blaming the parents for not letting their child get more polio drops. The official – who should have been named if journalistic standards were kept – said that parents had “misconceptions about repeated vaccinations”.

Despite the risk of paralysis associated with the polio vaccine, the WHO misinforms the public by presenting unscientific claims and counting on vagueness on its websites. On the website of Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the organization advocates that children should be given as many doses of the polio drops (that has a live virus) as possible. They have not specified any cap on the number of doses. Thus they can blame any parent of neglect even when they choose to vaccinate so as to cover the failure of the vaccine.

Pakistani papers, especially English-language dailies, routinely ignore taking statements of parents and only speak to officials when cases of polio are reported – officials who earn from vaccination and have financial conflict of interest.

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