United Nations’ Measles Vaccine Kills at least 15 Children in Syria

United Nations’ Measles Vaccine Kills at least 15 Children in Syria

The Voice of America’s story about this outrageous incident of poisoning Syrian children to death uses the phrase “children die from” measles vaccine that was contaminated with an anesthetic. This is one clever way of media’s accomplice in what is an open and reckless killing of innocent, helpless children in a country already the victim of terrorists and US-Saudi political alliance.UN vaccination program

WHO and UNICEF jointly expressed sorrow over the incident that caused sudden death of 15 children, in Idlib province of Syria, reports the Voice of America. Will their apology bring back the lives they took? Will those mothers’ wounds be healed by the formal expressions of sorrow and condolence by the people who are directly responsible for this inhuman episode of killing? No!

Not surprising that no major news outlet is raising the question in plain, direct words, how will those responsible for this criminal neglect be punished? Even the number of casualties seems to be kept to minimum by major media sources since some reports place the number of dead children over 30. And Dr. Zidan was quoted as, “We think it will get worse.”

Like previous incidences of vaccine-associated deaths and disabilities, this horrific instance of killing via poisoning is conveniently being talked of as a “mishap”. And since it has happened in a third-world country that is the victim of the dirty politics of Saudi-US partnership and its allies, the killing is not likely to be called killing but “deaths from error” or just “an accident”.

But the details of the incident reported on Natural News reveal the excruciating nature of this collective killing of children:  “The children’s symptoms suggest cyanide poisoning. As the children turned blue and died, their heart rates gradually slowed down, which he says is consistent with this hypothesis.”

It’s long overdue to call a murder murder not death from something. This is not the first time when the pseudoscience of vaccination has destroyed lives – it has happened over and over and over, everywhere, east and west – whether it’s immediate crippling from polio vaccine or severe allergic reactions causing near death in children from MMR, to sudden deaths en masse of which the latter is the most horrific example. How many of those vaccinators have been sent behind bars for poisoning children with “bad” vaccine? Time to think, question, and say NO!


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