Ukraine Considering Discarding Polio Vaccine after It Brought Back Polio

Ukraine Considering Discarding Polio Vaccine after It Brought Back Polio

The Guardian is the latest of the countless mainstream media sites that propagate WHO’s vaccine-centric propaganda round the clock while filtering out information on the risks and inefficacy of the vaccines.

In a recent story about the possible destruction of polio vaccine provided to it by WHO, the paper has taken to promotional blog style writing without addressing the fact – reported in media and acknowledged by WHO – that the two polio cases were caused by a vaccine-derived virus.??????????????????????????????????????????

Instead the propaganda post writes “Two children, respectively aged 10 months and four years old, have already been paralyzed after contracting polio in the first case of the disease in Europe since 2010.” It has conveniently omitted any discussion of the cause of these cases.

The Guardian story comes from a long and ongoing tradition of those numerous mainstream information sources that work in the interest of WHO at the cost of independent, professional journalism and in favor of the pharmaceutical industry. Pakistani papers like The Express Tribune have gone so far as to delete published posts exposing the vaccine risks and including editorials justifying the gross human rights violations committed by the authorities in arresting parents who refused polio vaccination.

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