UK: Muslim Women Learn English or Risk Deportation

UK: Muslim Women Learn English or Risk Deportation

Allow the Muslim immigrants an inch and they’ll ask for a mile, but ask them for an inch of accommodation and they’ll run five miles screaming discrimination – exactly what’s been happening in the United Kingdom.Ukpassport-cover

The new target of this discrimination squad is none other than the British Prime Minister David Cameron. The PM has announced mandatory English language skills for Muslim immigrant women, particularly those on spousal visas. In case they fail to learn English in two-and-a-half years of their arrival in Britain, they could be deported, as per his new policy.

And as one would expect, the give-me-all and I-own-your-land Islamist mindset has already started crying discrimination.

Spousal visa is one of the most widely used and abused gateway of immigrants from the Islamic as well as other relatively backward regions into the west. A number of countries have long exercised their legal authority of mandatory language skills over immigrants – Nordic countries for example where getting a job or citizenship is subject to passing language tests.

But then Britain is considered unique because it allowed Islamists to grow and have their special privileges – thanks to the West-Soviet cold war and Saudi funding – so that Muslim immigrants consider it their prerogative to get the citizenship and live as parasites on the country’s government benefits while the sole contribution of many Muslim women being the stay-home wife and bringing up countless children with zero benefit to the state.

It’s already late for Britain to address the problem, but finally a conservative approach to the country’s protection can set it straight and undo some of the heavy damage done by the so-called liberal side where “liberal” means anything that destroys tradition and regionalism, even if it implies imposing another region on an older one.

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