Two More Vaccinated Children Diagnosed with Polio in Pakistan

Two More Vaccinated Children Diagnosed with Polio in Pakistan

Vaccinated children getting infected with polio is a common story in Pakistan. In the latest news, cases have been reported from the Sindh province.

The News reported on Sunday (Pakistan’s time zone) that two 4-year-old male children—one in Jaccobabad and one in Mirpurkhas—were diagnosed with wild poliovirus infection. Both children’s parents told media that the children had been vaccinated with oral polio vaccine multiple times.

Pro-vaccine establishments initially recommended two doses of oral polio vaccine for years then increasing it to four doses, but in poor/developing countries, the global pharmaceutical establishment is giving children unlimited doses of the live-virus polio drops. The World Health Organization (WHO) started recommending “immunizing” even “fully immunized” during vaccination campaigns.

It is worth remembering that due to boundless corruption and government-control over institutions, the credibility of tests and results is also seriously subject to questioning.

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