The Funeral History Museum of Houston, Texas

The Funeral History Museum of Houston, Texas

Last month my visit to Houston, TX, allowed me to view the National Museum of Funeral History (or NMOFH for short). While name may scare you a bit, for funeral always reminds one of death and dying, the attraction is quite friendly and relaxing. You can see the art and technology of last rituals mainly in American history as preserved in the form of collections of hearses and other funeral paraphernalia.

Here’s a glimpse of my NMOFH visit captured via my phone camera.


Abraham Lincoln Corner

The image created with pennies was an eye-catcher. And the imitation of Lincoln’s embalmed body in casket called for a shot.



Just a few of the dozens of elegant hearse models adorning the venue.



Church and Religious Section

Certainly the most elaborate in detail and artistic presentation is the Christian/Religious section with illustrations of Papal and other figures as well as biblical scenes from history.





Egyptian Burials

How can there not be an Egyptian mummy and burial representation in anything themed death/funeral through history? My sole shot of an Egyptian mummy model is what you see below.


The Visitor

How can there not be a shot of me anywhere at all? So This is me saying Thank you for your patience.

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