Transitions in the Work and Life of Rose Feller

Transitions in the Work and Life of Rose Feller

Whether it’s her migration between countries or the style of her creative focus, transition seems to be running parallel in the art of Rose Feller.

Born in Kecskemet, Hungary, Rose Feller tells that she started with oil paintings and for about 10 years created more traditional paintings using oil. Then came the shift in her creative style and she turned to surrealism and modern, abstract art. Her work is heavily influenced by Francis Bacon, Pablo Picasso and Damien Hirst. She greatly admires American abstract artists Jackson Pollock, Barnet Newman, and Mark Rothko.

Feller’s relocation to Britain happened as a result of her decision to escape an abusive relationship back in her home country. She initially moved to London and is now settled in Gloucester where she works out of her Jolt Studios, locate in the Gloucester City Centre. Though a self-taught artist, she started formal education in art, and in 2017, she completed an Art and Design Foundation Diploma. Currently she is pursuing a Fine Art Degree at the University of Gloucester.

Those familiar with her work agree that Feller’s work has a healing side to it. One friend who received a paining as gift from her shared with her how she felt a boost in her energy level while near Feller’s painting.

“I put reiki energy in my work so as to have a healing effect on myself and others via my art,” says Feller about the therapeutic effect of her creative work. In recent years, she has explored this skill and has studied reiki.

Quite a few exhibitions have featured her work including:

  • 2018 – Gloucester City Museum – solo exhibition
  • 2018 – Debenhams, Gloucester – Contributing artist
  • 2019 – Saatchi Art Gallery

Rose Feller’s work is featured for sale at the Agartha Art Gallery online as well as on Artnet.

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