The Sayzeh Song (2016) by Chaim B. Segal

The Sayzeh Song (2016) by Chaim B. Segal

by Leonore H. Dvorkin

Here, in Book One of five planned volumes, the author traces his life from preschool to 7th grade. The narrative is dominated by the Jewish religion, music performed and listened to, schooling and hard life lessons, and often difficult family dynamics.The Sayzeh Song

Mr. Segal proves himself an astute and very feeling observer: of the family’s progression from more moderate Judaism to Orthodoxy, of how his father’s frustration was probably linked to the sometimes severe corporal punishment he meted out, of how one moment’s carelessness can end with a beloved pet’s death, and much more.

Growing up in Ohio, the blind author had painful and confusing introductions to religious prejudice, poor race relations, and drug problems. The Holocaust haunted his dreams. Yet he managed to find joy in choral singing, piano lessons, recorded music, the family’s pets, and good meals and good times with family members and friends.

Missing from the story is any shred of self-pity. The author’s obvious resilience and his capacity for forgiveness are models for us all.

Through his writing of The Sayzeh Song, Chaim Segal hopes to promote increased understanding concerning cultural diversity.

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