The Man Who Didn’t Fear Ebola

The Man Who Didn’t Fear Ebola

The push for vaccination stands on fear mongering about “deadly” and “highly infectious” diseases, but poorly directed scenes made to achieve this target can lead to funny exposition of stakeholders. Last year, corporate media was struck with huge embarrassment while trying to show footage of an Ebola patient (?) being transported via a plane.ebola dallas patient

In the scene, real or orchestrated, the “patient” from Dallas is shown wearing a special yellow suit that apparently prevents the virus from leaking out and the medical team helping her get on board the plane are all wearing safety suits, aka hazmat suits, giving the impression that the patient is infected with the world’s deadliest and most infectious virus. But then appears Mr. Clipboard!

Mr. Clipboard is totally in plain clothes, is shown accompanying the medical team, and getting close to the stretcher and the team member escorting the patient while also holding bags with bare hands after the patient is boarded. A large number of viewers noticed the lack of safety and fear in Mr. Cipboard amidst a scene where a case of the world’s most feared virus was being handled and everybody was geared up accordingly.

Trying to explain the seam in this scene, CNN quoted the official sources and said the people in suits had “visibility” problems so the man in plain clothes was there to help them board. The man’s name was not released and the explanation was so lame that it led to videos mocking the explanation and more questions about the incident.

Should we be thankful to corporate media for airing slack lies that lead to entertaining moments?

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