Scene Pick: ‘Eight Below’ – The Pack Loses Dewey

Scene Pick: ‘Eight Below’ – The Pack Loses Dewey

In the frozen Antarctic grounds, a visiting team of researchers is helped by a guide, Shepard (played by Paul Walker), and his eight huskies that make the only means of transportation in the camp area. With the dogs’ help, Shepard saves the life of a scientist. But when a bad snow storm hits the area, the humans leave in emergency, leaving behind the dogs—chained. Now on their own without food, the dogs must stay together and struggle to survive against all odds.eight below

Disney’s Eight Below is at once a heart-breaking and heart-winning story of survival of eight canine heroes who would be there for their human friends even when the latter leave them behind in critical situations.

This scene is one of the saddest in the film as it shows the fall of one of the dogs, Dewey, while chasing lights. We see the pack grieving and saying goodbye to their lost friend as they leave his body behind to continue their survival journey.

To the memories of Paul Walker!

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