The Insane Suggestion of Using Polio Vaccine to Protect against Coronavirus

The Insane Suggestion of Using Polio Vaccine to Protect against Coronavirus

The desperation of leftist propaganda mobs to sell vaccines amid the corona scamdemic can hardly be overstated. No wonder then to see one of leading propaganda outlets, USA Today, selling the infamous oral polio vaccine as preventive agent against coronavirus (COVID 19).

Over a week ago, USA TODAY published an opinion piece by two vaccine industry muppets, Dr. Konstantin Chumakov and Dr. Robert Gallo, titled “Could an old vaccine be a godsend for new coronavirus?” In the post, the two doctors make a hilarious suggestion: since it’ll take several months at least to develop COVID 19 vaccine, we should use the oral polio vaccine (OPV), the one developed by Albert Sabin, to provide temporary immunity against CVID 19. Yes, you read it right; they are seriously proposing it. In their words:

In summary, we propose here that trials to test the potential of vaccination with OPV should be quickly explored as a tool to mitigate the pandemic until vaccines specific to SARS-CoV-2 become available.

The so-called doctors create this spin with “nonspecific immune response” that they say can be elicited by oral polio vaccine (OPV) that they say could be “a unique opportunity to reset the course of the pandemic.” Reset the course of the pandemic? Whatever the heck is that supposed to mean – if anything at all? But then they had to make up something because by now anyone with a high school education at least knows that specific antibodies are released to antigen (proteins) of specific pathogens (viruses in case of viral infections). And these muppets are saying that’s not the case when the mainstream medicine spoonfed this to people for decades?

Of course the authors don’t stop there but go on to say that the oral polio vaccine is “proven safe”.

The demonstrated ability of OPV to activate nonspecific immune responses provides a unique opportunity to reset the course of the pandemic.

This is a shameless lie. OPV has been and still is causing outbreaks of vaccine-derived polio in Asian and African countries where it is forcibly used by the government to “immunize” children because the governments of those countries are submissive to WHO and by receiving bribes/benefits from UN, they let the oral polio vaccine cause outbreaks among their people. Since its big outbreak in Nigeria to date, a number of new cases are reported each year but the information is kept out of mainstream media to keep people in the dark about the horrible risks of this paralyzing virus given to children in oral polio (polio drops). In fact, the developed west stopped oral polio vaccination starting in the ’80s and the U.S. finally stopped it around 2000 because of the endless cases of polio caused by the virus from the vaccine.

This suggestion of using OPV for COVID 19 protection is a joke of the umpteenth level not only from the perspective of being a science graduate or science student but even common sense. I wonder if these two quacks suggesting this BS are deliberately trying to be ridiculous, like rehearsing for a potential job as clowns in a circus, or did they just want to say something to get attention? In either case, I am thankful to them for giving me some good lung exercise. You know laughter is the best medicine. And this joke works wonder to get that medicine.

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