The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

There are books that you read and you get a whole new worldview owing to the nature of information contained and the excellence of narration via which the information is conveyed. Award-winning journalist and author Lynn Mctaggart’s The Field (HarperCollins, 2008) is among those books.

Written for the average educated reader, the book explains key concepts in science, particularly in atomic and quantum physics. The author summarizes the details of important research studies carried out to explain the presence and influence of the fundamental, all-encompassing Zero Point Field—hence the shortened name The Field. Many of these studies, involving carefully designed lab experiments by dedicated scientists around the world, revealed scientific evidence of the Field and validity of several paranormal or out-of-ordinary observations and experiences that mainstream science fails to grasp, and hence refuses to accept: remote viewing, telepathy, distant healing, and many other phenomena that are usually tossed in the bin labeled unscientific by establishment science.

Mctaggart tells the story of the research as well as the researchers in each chapter while also adding adequate historical background to give the reader the complete meaning of the scientific investigation being discussed. This makes her presentation of the case for the Field quite compelling. Of special interest to any critical and analytical reader would be the lack of attention all this groundbreaking research has received over the decades, pointing to the hand of establishment and self-interested authority in the realm of academic science that is intolerant of challenging works breaking with their established scientific view of reality.

The Field is at its core a science book, and to this writer, it’s a must-read.

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3 thoughts on “The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

  1. I admit. I don’t understand ZPE really well even after it being drilled into my head and taking exams on it. There is something about it that doesn’t connect. It’s interesing though. Ground state is lower energy which may be why I am usually baffled and confused by ZPE discussions. And telepathy/paranormal activity is associated with different energy connections which can be lower energy (negative) or higher energy (positive). Root energy is the least evolved of a species if they achieve it…..and those are the lowest energy. HIghest energy is the crown chakra which takes evolved status to achieve including bypassing one’s third eye chakra (the psychic intuitive chakra). So, why harness a lower frequency energy? Will it not cause harm?

  2. I can kinda see where you coming from on this. The book itself doesn’t discuss energy frequencies of telepathic or chakra phenomena as it focuses on the research carried out by the scientists to prove randomness vs chance. But based on my understanding, the ZPF is an all encompassing ocean of quantum energy and the observer effect in quantum physics determines what form anything takes out of this undifferentiated energy reserve. The different levels of energies don’t exist in their own but are made so by the observer – the person(s) who think of them. That is the whole point of the book and its thesis. You create your own reality out of this indefinite mould material (the ZPF) as each of you is a channel through which this energy assumes various forms. That makes sense?

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