Guide to Buying Indoor Cat Condos

Guide to Buying Indoor Cat Condos

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Indoor cat condos, also known as a cat tree is simply a piece of furniture that pet owners usually buy for their pet to climb, play, perch, scratch or even sleep on it.

If you buy a fully functional condo, you will find it equipped with several things, including a stable base, a scratching post, a house for sleeping and a high perch.

If your cat has longer claws, you definitely need to ensure that the tree comes with a scratching post. The cat can use the perch for sitting.

Let’s see a few reasons why you need to buy a condo for your cat.

Why should you buy it?

As we all know, kitties are usually active animals thus they always do sufficient activities almost every day. Cats will always engage in various activities which makes them feel happy and healthy.

They enjoy scratching, lounging, hiding, jumping and running among other things. All these can be provided for your pet when you purchase a fully functional good quality indoor cat condo.

Well, these condos also come in handy as they help to keep your cat off the ground hence leaving space for your robot vacuum cleaner to do its work.

The condos also offer a nice chilling place for the cats whenever they are looking for some place to stand high, look outside the window and think about their life.

Also, since the tree will provide them with something to scratch on, it means your furniture will be safe. You don’t have to worry about your favorite leather seats being destroyed by the cats.

How to choose a good indoor condo for your feline friend?

Well, if you are looking to buy a house or if you are planning to build one for yourself, there are things you need to keep in mind.

You need to plan and find out what you will need for the house depending on how you want it to look like and those who are going to live in it. Likewise, you will need to consider a few things before you purchase a cat tree for your pet.

With that said, let’s look at some of these things that you need to think about first before buying your cat a condo. You can also refer to this article.

  • Size

This should be the very first thing that crosses your mind when you think about getting your pet an indoor condo. Cat trees always come in different sizes and are made in different styles as well.

Some designs are simple but might have several functions. When looking at the size factor, you should consider the size of both the cat and the available space where you will put it.

Whether you are keeping the small breeds or the large breeds, you must ensure that the condo is large enough for the pet to sleep in and is also high enough for it to be able to climb. Ensure you have the right measurements.

Also, the personality of the animal matters. If you have an active kitten that plays a lot, you should consider getting a large tree with several functions. For a quiet kitten, a simple one will do. Just as long as it has a comfy bed. The number of kittens you have should also be considered.

  • The style

From the point above, you can also tell that the style or the design of the tree is also an important thing to look for. A simple condo with a comfy bed won’t certainly do it for a playful kitten.

This also has an impact on the size too. A simple design doesn’t necessarily have to be big and the opposite goes to a tree with more functionalities. The design of the tree can also come in handy depending on the space you have.

If you have a large space at home, you can buy a wider piece and it easily fit. However, if you have a small space, a tall tree would do the trick. It also provides the kitten with different levels it can climb.

  • Material

If you are conversant with the story of the three little pigs and the big bad fox, you definitely know why the materials you use are important when it comes to building structures.

Cat condos are usually made from different materials including particle boards, rope, solid wood, carpet and fabric. Among these, solid wood is the most durable. Other materials like particleboards are quite economical but not as durable.

Some kitties always love to try their claws on the carpet while others like playing with the rope. Find out what your kitty prefers before buying him or her a condo.

  • Durability

The durability and stability of the structure should also be put into consideration. Look for a structure that has a stable base.

This will prevent overbalancing when the kittens are playing and climbing the tree. Also, it would be an added advantage if you get a structure that is quite durable. This will keep your kitties happy for a long period of time.

You won’t need to worry about buying a new condo after every few months. Getting a weak structure is simply a waste of money and can also be quite dangerous. Click here to read more.


If you are keeping cats as pets, it is your duty to ensure they are healthy and happy. Since they offer us great companionship, we need to reciprocate that with love and care. This means feeding them well, taking them to the vets when the fall sick and buying them an indoor condo for them to play, sleep, scratch and rest on.

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