Tennessee Nurse Faints and Collapses on Getting COVID Vaccine

Tennessee Nurse Faints and Collapses on Getting COVID Vaccine

While the corrupt mainstream media lies to advertise the COVID 19 vaccine as safe and effective, the dangerous reactions of the vaccine are already showing. In the latest news, a nurse collapsed in 17 minutes of receiving the COVID 19 shot. And it was all caught on camera.

The Washington Times reported that Nurse Manager Tiffany Dover was speaking to media after getting the COVID vaccine at a Tennessee hospital when she felt dizzy and then collapsed as she lost consciousness.

The story tells about the nurse:

She soon recovered and spoke again with WTVC, saying she has a condition where she often faints when she feels pain.

However it doesn’t say what it took to help her recover, how long it took to recover, and what exactly was her condition that would cause pain. Seemingly that part of her story was made up to defend the reaction of the COVID vaccination that was caught on camera.

The videos of the nurse getting the shot and collapsing while talking to media at a microphone was shared on Twitter.

American Police News posted a video yesterday on Brighteon that gives a glimpse of the history of corruption and fraud in the vaccine industry as well as the health risks associated with the COVID 19 vaccine manufactured by Pfizer and rushed through approval by the FDA. The video is included below.

While the adverse effects reported so far from the COVID vaccine range from fever and soreness of the arm (injection site) to facial paralysis, chills, allergic reactions, and in some cases death, doctors who warn people against the health risks associated with the vaccine are being censored, harassed, and silenced. It is worth mentioning that the condition called COVID 19 has been nothing more than a mild form of cold or flu and the chances of serious illness or death from the condition are rare. The authorities have been caught fudging numbers to fool the people into believing that COVID 19 is some dangerous new disease.

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