Tanzanian President Exposes the Unscientific Coronavirus Testing Equipment

Tanzanian President Exposes the Unscientific Coronavirus Testing Equipment

In a new and interesting development, the absence of science in the coronavirus (COVID 19) testing procedure was exposed. And the person who exposed it is a leader in an African nation that finds little mention in mainstream news headlines.

New York Post reported how Tanzanian President John Magufuli decided to test the accuracy of coronavirus testing kits that were “imported from abroad”. Magufuli had his security forces get samples from animals like goat and sheep as well as from pawpaw (a local fruit). The samples were delivered to the lab staff with human names assigned to all samples. And as suspected, samples for both goat and pawpaw tested positive for COVID 19 at the lab. In the words, the goats and pawpaw were suffering from coronavirus according to the tests. The “science” of the corona testing was blatantly exposed.

Did any of the developed countries that spend billions of dollars on health research bother to blind-test the coronavirus testing equipment? Magufuli’s measure comes as a slap to their claims of progress and knowledge. At the same time, it reinforces the skepticism surrounding the biological target of the testing: the coronavirus. Multiple medical professionals, or health experts, have questioned the science of the corona testing and the unproven narrative that it’s a new strain of virus; instead they view the testing as a faulty technique that looks for exosomes triggered by radiation or other sources of distress among body cells.

For the faulty corona testing, President Magufuli’s government went on to suspend the head of the national health laboratory in an act of swift accountability. AlJazeera reported that President Magufuli also fired the head of the government Medical Stores Department.

What the developed west and the developing world failed to achieve in the emergency science of the alleged coronavirus pandemic, the poor East African country of Tanzania did. It’s a moment of shame for the pretentious “experts” in the leading science institutions of the world and an example for the world leaders to make people accountable for lying to their people.

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