Coronavirus or Radiation-Triggered Exosomes? Doctor Explains

Coronavirus or Radiation-Triggered Exosomes? Doctor Explains

With more holes blown in the figures and explanation of the mainstream narrative of the so-called coronavirus COVID 19 ‘pandemic’, medical professionals seem to agree on an alternative explanation—the sickness experienced by people is not a viral infection; instead it is poisoning of body cells caused mainly by radiation that is causing the cells to release exosomes.

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The most important question in the current scene of global coronavirus (COVID 19) scare is not what kind of virus is causing this sickness, but whether it is a virus in the first place. To ascertain whether it is a virus, you need to detect and confirm that it’s a virus by performing a scientific/biological test. So did those Chinese researchers who first claimed to identify a new coronavirus performed such a test?

In his video presentation, Dr. Andrew Kaufman demonstrates the test developed by the Chinese and copied around the world for detecting the coronavirus is actually not designed to detect the virus but genetic material, or RNA, that is excreted by body cells in distress. The RNA along with other cellular material is released in packets or vesicles called exosomes. It is these little sacks of genetic matter and other debris that the test detects and the medical examiners label it as virus.

Dr. Kaufman acknowledges another medical expert, Dr. Thomas Cowan, who has explained the current global epidemic of sickness in the context of exosomes. In his brief talk at the March 12 health summit in Tucson, AZ, Dr. Cowan explains the release of exosomes by cells in distress and touches on the new understanding of viruses as actually exosomes that are released when cells are poisoned by radiation. He correlates the new 5G technology of telecom with the current sickness, the COVID 19, propagated as a viral infection. The video of Dr. Cowan’s talk is included below.

The scientific community seems to have gone quiet on the questions raised about the mainstream narrative of the sickness attributed to coronavirus (COVID 19). Mainstream propaganda media have also blacked out on these alternative explanations and some social media channels are actively censoring and blocking such views.


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    1. Actually the post answers it but in simple words, 2 explanations: 1 (and most importantly) there are no “viral” victims – cz what they are detecting is NOT a virus but genetic material found pretty much in any one who is having some disease, any health condition, even in psychological stress/distress. The exosomes are released outside the cell to signal other cells that things aren’t okay. (2) Remember who is giving you figures – the people who are selling you something (vaccines/fear) and in exchange taking something you have (your rights).

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