Swiss Zoo Killing Its Animals to Run Its Restaurant

Swiss Zoo Killing Its Animals to Run Its Restaurant

A zoo is essentially a prison that robs animals of their natural environment and cages them to make money from visitors. Many animal rights advocates are radically against zoos and support the freedom of animals in their natural environment while stressing prevention of human transgression that threatens their natural home.deer

Now imagine a zoo that not only cages animals but kills them for meat and serves them to visitors to make money. This outrageous practice is happening in Switzerland. A Care2 petition demands that Langenberg Wildlife Park of Switzerland stop killing its healthy animals that are being fed to visitors at the zoo’s restaurant.

The story informs that the zoo is killing animals under the excuse of “surplus” or “useless” animals and trying to justify it by saying that “recycling” animals is “ecological”.

More than 128 thousand signatures have supported this petition and the count is growing as people from worldwide are condemning the zoo for its cruelty and killing.



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