Spaxit in View – Spain Threatens to Walk Out of EU

Spaxit in View – Spain Threatens to Walk Out of EU

The magic of Brexit is working as one European country after another seems ready to walk out of the globalist European Union (EU) mafia. The country that has given the latest such indication is Spain.


The Daily Express reported on Tuesday that Spain has issued a “shock threat to quit EU” over the growing anger in the country at EU’s political power over its member states. The paper wrote:

Spain’s third biggest party Vox is under huge pressure to back the Spanish version of the Brexit referendum, following growing fury at an ECJ ruling this week.

The Spanish warning of walking out of EU comes in a week of Poland’s Supreme Court warning such an exit from EU over the latter’s influence over Polish judiciary.

So expect more in media on Spaxit in the coming days, and who knows how many other fed-up countries follow suit.

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