Shocking: Hundreds of Federally Protected Horses Sold to Slaughter Agent in Colorado

Shocking: Hundreds of Federally Protected Horses Sold to Slaughter Agent in Colorado

If we were to abbreviate “Brutal Lawless Murderers” it would be BLM, right? Coincidentally the same abbreviation stands for the Bureau of Land Management. But given the new revealing report about trafficking of hundreds of wild horses via a blood-monger Colorado rancher, the same abbreviation seems to signify both at the same time.Equus_ferus_(wild_horse)_gallery

In a heartbreaking story of recklessness and bloodthirsty greed, Horse Channel reported the illegal sale of about 1800 wild horses by the Bureau of Land Management to a Colorado rancher Tom Davis who resold them to people at US-Mexico border; from here, the beautiful free creatures of nature would go to Mexican slaughterhouses to be murdered brutally.

As the story reveals, not only BLM did not take essential measures to ensure the federally protected wild horses were going into safe hands, but the judicial system has declined to prosecute the villain Davis who lied to BLM about getting the horses to “good homes” and selling them to traffickers.

They say this country called America was built on horseback. And now when machines have replaced the beasts of burden and the good old values do not allow murder of these horses in the country, the corrupt authorities and criminals like this heartless rancher team up to prey on these animals that have been companions, even therapists to children and adults. But instead of being left in peace, they are being cut into pieces under the nose of those who are paid by taxpayers’ money to protect them.

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