NJ: Helping Pedals – The Bear Who Walks Upright

NJ: Helping Pedals – The Bear Who Walks Upright

The news of a bear in NJ who walks upright, on his hinds, is getting around and a news video of showing him has received over 650 thousand views to date.Pedals

A Care2 petition by Lisa Rose explains the situation of the bear, named Pedals, who happens to be injured and is unable to walk on all fours. Pedals has made a New Jersey neighborhood his home and gets his food there as he can’t compete with others in the wild for his survival. The petition addresses NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife to let Pedals go to an upstate NY sanctuary for bears where he will be safe.

People have been generous in helping Pedals and also have raised over $21K for the arrangements needed for his transport and stay at the Orphaned Wildlife Center of Otisville NY.

As the state of Florida is allowing cruel bear cull, spilling blood of innocent wild bears, Pedals’ story stands in contrast as an example of compassion and love.

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