Scene Pick: ‘Labyrinth’ – Why Didn’t You Say So?

Scene Pick: ‘Labyrinth’ – Why Didn’t You Say So?

The fresh, glowing face of young Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth (1986) is unforgettable. And so is this enchanting fantasy Labyrinthadventure. In the film, teenage Sarah (Connelly) sets out on an adventure to rescue her baby brother from the Goblin King (David Bowie) who kidnaps the baby and requires Sarah to come to his world – a mind-boggling maze – to get the boy.

So Sarah has less than a day to go through the labyrinth and back again; but she is not alone in this travel – a number of creatures of various shapes and sizes befriend her in this journey.

Watching it on TV as a teen, I remember experiencing absolute excitement as the adventure progressed and Sarah got closer to getting the baby out of the labyrinth.

The film’s end scene is a memorable conclusion. “Why didn’t you say so?” are the words that live with me and relive the excitement of an adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy the clip showing the film’s ending. It’s party time!


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