Medical Marijuana Not Safe, Warns Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Medical Marijuana Not Safe, Warns Dr. Lawrence Wilson

More often than not, medical marijuana has recently been in the news on national level. With Sanjay Gupta’s apologetic Medical MarijuanaU-turn on the harmful effects of medical marijuana, mainstream media has exponentially promoted the harmlessness of this substance that is being legalized by more states in the US for relieving pain long as it is prescribed by a doctor. But is medical marijuana really safe?

Lawrence Wilson, MD, a well-known expert in nutritional balancing science, says it’s not safe at all. In his article Hybrid Marijuana – A Bad Drug, on his immensely popular website, the Arizona-based doctor writes:

“Pot is harmful, and there is no question about it, and there is no ‘safe amount’ or safe way to use it.”

His article discusses in detail the myths of harmless marijuana created recently while the fact, according to his first-hand experience with patients, is that medical marijuana is harmful and addictive.

I have the pleasure of Dr. Wilson’s company today to talk about this important health issue.

Ernest: Dr. Wilson, thank you very much for joining me in this correspondence. I’d like to begin with your experience in treating patients who have serious pain problem and whether you have ever recommended medical marijuana to any of them?

Dr. Wilson: I have worked with probably 1000 or more people who have severe pain. I have never recommended medical marijuana for any of them.  Most of the patients recovered from their chronic pain syndromes without medical marijuana.

Ernest: Would you say there is a high risk of addiction or damaging effect on the psychological state of patients who take medical marijuana?

Dr. Wilson: Marijuana is toxic for the body and appears to contain the toxic metal cadmium, an extremely toxic metal. Additionally, smoking anything is completely unnatural and toxic. There is a risk of addiction with marijuana, as well. Marijuana causes a slowing of reflexes, mental confusion, and other sedative and toxic effects.

Ernest: Currently we see a growing support for medical marijuana across the US. And it’s being legalized in different states. Do you think that the public is informed enough on the health effects of marijuana, even if taken in controlled, small amounts per doctor’s prescription?

Dr. Wilson: I think that most discussions of marijuana in the media tend to emphasize some possible sedative and other benefits, and tend to downplay the dangers of all marijuana.  I do not think the public is well informed, at all, based on my experience of the problems with marijuana.

Ernest: Sanjay Gupta recently made headlines widely with his shift on medical marijuana after doing some surveys and interviews. What do you think of his findings?

Dr. Wilson: With all due respect, I disagree completely with Dr. Gupta. My clinical experience is that marijuana is anything but harmless, as explained above.

Ernest: In your article, you wrote that mainstream media is not highlighting the dangers of marijuana. Who exactly would benefit from this?

Dr. Wilson: I think the push for legalization of marijuana is perhaps part of a push to cause more and more Americans to become addicted to drugs of many kinds, including medical drugs.  I think it may also be a symptom of the failure of the medical profession to help thousands of people with chronic pain and other health conditions.

I tend to believe that people should be free to do as they like, provided they do not harm others.  However, in this instance, our population is so unhealthy today that legalizing marijuana sends the wrong message and is not helpful for most people, especially the young.

Ernest: You believe that legalization of medical marijuana would inevitably lead to teens and young adults getting addicted to weed, even if they are not the patients put on marijuana?

Dr. Wilson: The brains of teenagers are not completely mature, and so their brains are subject to more damage from the use of marijuana, even if they are not technically addicted to it. Once medical marijuana is legal, it is so easy to obtain it just by faking symptoms of a headache, for example, that yes, teens are easily able to get it.

Ernest: For patients with chronic or serious pain issues, what in your opinion are the best drug options?

Dr. Wilson: For patients with chronic pain, I find the best option is rarely drugs of any kind.  Instead, the best option is seek out and correct the causes which have to do with toxic metal excesses, nutrient deficiencies and imbalances, patterns of inflammation in the body,  impaired circulation, hydration and oxygenation, hormonal imbalances, a need for chiropractic care in some cases, and other causes for pain. Taken together, these get rid of most pain in the body.

Ernest: On a national level, we see a divide in public opinion and state versus federal law over the issue of medical marijuana. Do you think there could be an issue of corruption or irregularities in doctors’ recommendation of medical marijuana?

Dr. Wilson: I do not know if someone is bribing certain doctors to prescribe medical marijuana. I do know that statistics show that a few doctors do most of the prescribing of it, and I am not sure why.

Ernest: Dr. Wilson, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and views with our readers.

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5 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Not Safe, Warns Dr. Lawrence Wilson

  1. Dr. Wilson: I do not know if someone is bribing certain doctors to prescribe medical marijuana. I do know that statistics show that a few doctors do most of the prescribing of it, and I am not sure why. Word Matters!

  2. Dear Doc,
    With all due respect, I am a 70 year old retired Chief Warrant Officer with multiple tours flying helicopters in Vietnam. I am currently Disiabled from PTSD and Chronic Pain. To better understand my situation, you may want to see the trailer for “The Good Soldier” which won an emmy for “long form historical programming” presented by Bill Moyers Journal’ and watch my my description of why it is difficult to persuade soldiers to kill another person…soldier (the enemy).
    For many years, I rellied on the Duke Pain Clinic in North Carolina for my treatment. When I finally retired 10 years ago..taking my daily handful of pills and potents prescribed by Doctors like yourself..someone said they used Cannabis for their combat ills. Of course I knew they were “druggies” so I dismissed their claims. Then I was making the round trips to Duke and watching my medical bills being paid..with most of my pain relieved. Mostly, it was the nagging pain that “never went away while at Duke.” (Duke was the culmination of several MD specialists at various clinics and hospitals). What the heck, I figured I’d give it a try.

    *****; it was you guys who were “deceived”. I no longer take the pain and sleeping pills YOU prescribed. Any yes, I educated myself by going to every other year Continuing Ed for Health Care Professionals in the sane 20 states that now allow it’s use. They are presented by “Patients Out of Time” and available online for health care professional who CARE. Those like Dr. Donald Abrams, Chief Oncologist at San Francisco General Hospital whose persistance in “reporting results of the National Cancer Institute that Cannabis, in addition to its relief of symptoms, could now be recommended for it’s direct anti-tumor capability.” Bet you didn’t know the NCI publishes this on its on website now.
    Then again, I doubt you are aware of the 10 years of clinical trials at UC California School of Medicine and published in 2010 that showed your ignornance on this plant (See: CMCR Clinical trials of Cannabis). I am not trying to be negative, but your opinion is so firmly ingrained in your brain that you are blind to current research.
    Please, for the sake of us veterans, OPEN YOUR EYES.

    Ignorance on a subject is expected in the beginning; it is not tolerated by the truth.

  3. Clearly Dr. Wilson watches too much House M.D. (Coincidence?). Cadmium poisoning from smoking cannabis is about as likely as getting struck by lightning after striking it rich on the Megabucks jackpot (unless you have a habit of buying from street dealers in Chernobyl. Actually, hang on. Just looked up “Doctor” Lawrence Wilson. He’s a fraud. I don’t know what he has his PhD in, but he seems to spend most of his career selling useless “nutritional enhancements” to get rid of the supposed heavy metal poisoning that we all have. Don’t pay him any mind- he’s no better than William Randolph Hearst who started the ridiculous prohibition of cannabis on a campaign based on racism and greed. Maybe he’s not a racist but… I wouldn’t be too quick to give him the benefit of the doubt. Tl;dr, I’m a music teacher and I probably have a larger grasp of the medical field than Dr. Wilson.

  4. Dr wilson the Dr part coming from some alternative madicine medical school im sure as your views are so fat from recent reports that have bben writen and studied by GW phamicuiticals to back up there cannabis extacted product Sativex which has a duibius kicebce to be prescibed in the uk ( A dubious licence because its unsure weather the licence issued by the UK goverment back in the 90s was just for the study and research of the usefullness of the product as a mouth spray that eases the syptoms of MS and a few other serious illnesses ). They conducted a yr long trial with half the subjects taking the cannabis extracted product and the second group on a placibo at the end of the year they tested peoples memory, learning cappabiliies and mental states and found no differances between the two and that is just one of the many new studys being taken everyday all backing the the anciant beleifs of the medical uses and benafits of this remarcable plant yet it is narrow minded so called profesionals like Dr willson holding back further studys in this plant ie the possabilaty of it cureing types of cancer or other life destroying illnesses.

  5. Why so much anger? Almost hate why not just share your truth? Dr Wilson has served people to try and help them. He not stopping you he’s just giving you his opinion.

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