SBS and Parents Jailed for Injuries Caused by Vaccines

SBS and Parents Jailed for Injuries Caused by Vaccines

More and detailed criticisms of the vaccination industry are coming to surface as the shaky science of this business has been exposed repeatedly by experts. A new story on Medical Kidnap puts the Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) to critical inquiry, and not surprisingly, it leads to the safety of vaccination issue – again!poison

The story “Are Parents Going to Jail for Vaccine Injuries?” cites research by experts in medicine who proved the SBS hypothesis wrong via their own work. The brain injuries to children supposedly caused by SBS are said to be possibly caused by vaccination – something admitted by the federal government that compensates families of such vaccine-injured kids while protecting the vaccine manufacturers against legal action.

The article is a reminder of the abuse of medicine and science to the benefit of the multi-billion vaccine industry that uses mainstream media and medical community to promote vaccination by playing down the risks and claiming supposed benefits.

As of now, it’s worthwhile to mention that the measles vaccine recently killed 6 children in Balochistan – which is part of Pakistan but is fighting a war of independence – and the promised inquiry has never been followed on; and since the initial reports, there is a media blackout on the incident.

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