Saudi Airstrikes Kill 6 More Children in Yemen

Saudi Airstrikes Kill 6 More Children in Yemen

Saudi attackers killed six more children in Yemen as reported in latest news as the sectarian war over who rules Yemen continues and Saudi Arabia is buying services of more Sunni-sect states as well as its long-time allies in the west.

Russia Today summarized the latest air attack by Saudi-led coalition of militaries in the region that is attacking the Shia-sect Houthi rebels. The airstrike hit a school in Yemen and reportedly killed at least 6 children. RT cites UNICEF as a source telling that over 70 children have been killed so far in the Saudi-led airstrikes while dozens of others have been injured.Yemen-map

As expected, the United Nations is shamelessly silent over the killing of children. Saudi oil money is buying services of allies in the name of friendship, religion (Saudi Arabia is considered a holy land by Muslims due to being the birthplace of Islam’s prophet Muhammad), and for being a generous donor and helper – although none of these obliged nations/leaders mention Saudi Arabia’s “donations” to global terror.

Some interesting observation comes about who’s saying what in what capacity. The World Health Organization (WHO) for example has been giving number of casualties and media sources are publishing WHO stats on the number of dead. WHO is supposed to take care of public health issues, not war-zone casualty reporting – something which is expected to come from Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations working in disaster zones.

The federal government in Pakistan, meanwhile, is dying to offer its military assistance to the Saudis against Yemen’s ruling rebels. Since Pakistani government has a lot to hide from the public, an in-camera session of the house is expected in Pakistan soon to decide on whether the government should offer military service to Saudi Arabia.

So a lot happening between allies and rivals – over the dead bodies of innocent children in the mist of fear and uncertainty in Yemen.

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