San Francisco to Vaccinate Children without Parental Consent

San Francisco to Vaccinate Children without Parental Consent

The war of the liberal-pharma alliance on children has already started and the Neo-Nazi Democrats in United States are passing draconian laws to vaccinate children without parental consent. California’s government is one such Nazi establishment that is expanding the mass vaccination practice to children as young as 12.

Today the Life Site News reported a health order by the City of San Francisco that makes it legal to vaccinate children as young as 12 with the COVID 19 vaccines.

The City of San Francisco officially allowed children as young as 12 to take the coronavirus vaccine without parental notification or consent.

This certainly isn’t the first time the Nazi liberals have attempted to vaccinate children without parental consent. In November last year, the leftist lawmakers in Washington DC launched the most direct and dangerous assault on children and parents by passing a new bill – the Minor Consent for Vaccination Amendment Act – allowing any authorized vaccine administrator to vaccinate children as young as 11 years old without parental consent.

The agenda of the criminal liberal-pharma alliance is out in open before all to see: direct war on children by terminating rights of parents to their own children. Instead, the vaccine mafia is allowed to use children as they wish for testing their products by complicity of the leftist governments that make these tyrannical rules. And this burdens parents with an even greater responsibility: educate their children not to give consent to anyone to inject or put any substance in their bodies when the parents are not around.

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2 thoughts on “San Francisco to Vaccinate Children without Parental Consent

  1. First- where do you find your post pix? This one puts the fear of #@$$ in the viewer! But so does reading the article. My son, husband and I are all fully vaccinated (do you still love me? Lol). But there are many parent friends of mine who are anti- vaccine. What’s scary is that it’s their own party pushing them to get vaccinated and if they lived in Ca, they’d be panicking with good reason. When you vaccinate or not, it should be your choice. Their rights are being stripped away. I’d certainly freak out if someone touched my child without my and my child’s permission.

  2. Post Pics: stock images mostly from Adobe with simple editing makes them relevant to go with the posts.

    Do I still love you after what you revealed? More than ever – though I won’t hug you without a 10-foot pole – kidding 🙂

    The problem is the vaccine mafia is not going to stop. They have been pushing for mandating vaccines and Oregon already had mandated it in order to get back your freedom. Now these states/cities removing parents from the equation so they can easily get a shot in a child by luring with an ice cream or something. Thankfully in free states – like FL, SD etc – the conservative governments have taken measures to protect civil rights. Parents need to be particularly watchful.

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