Russia: Muslim Refugees Badly Beaten by Mob for Molesting Women

Russia: Muslim Refugees Badly Beaten by Mob for Molesting Women

Image Credit: Weasel Zippers

Arab/Islamic immigrants are reportedly causing an epidemic of rape and sexual assaults in various European Union countries, but what happened in Russia last week taught a lesson to those refugees who tried their luck harassing women outside a Russian nightclub.

The Daily Caller is one of the news sources that wrote about the incident of local Russian men besieging a group of Muslim refugees, recently kicked out from Norway, and beating them up real hard because the deportees molested and harassed women outside a nightclub in Murmansk.

The story tells that the refugees tried to flee but were captured and beaten by local men so severely that 18 of them had to be hospitalized. The rest were arrested by the police but the cops too threw a few punches at them before taking them in custody.

While being beaten, the refugees were also reminded that “Cologne is 2,500 kilometers south of here” – a reference to the recent mass sexual attacks by Muslim immigrants in Cologne, Germany.

The lesson taught by the Russian men to the criminal immigrants also sends a message to failed or self-serving governments, think of European Union and the current American government, that when they refuse to protect civilians, men of the land take matters in their hands and punish the criminals on spot.

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