Claire Lynch Band at Sutter Creek Theater, February 13

Claire Lynch Band at Sutter Creek Theater, February 13

by Sacramento Bluegrass Association

The Claire Lynch Band/Courtesy

The Claire Lynch Band will perform in concert on February 13, 800 pm, at the Sutter Creek Theater, 44 Main St, Sutter Creek, 916-425-0077,

With two Grammy nominations, three IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year awards, & a US Artists Walker Fellowship, Claire has earned her keep in the tower of song. She has also received IBMA awards for Song of the Year (Dear Sister) & Recorded Event of the Year (Country Boy, a tribute to John Denver). Claire has played at the CBA Father’s Day Festival & many other festivals all over the country. She has one of the sweetest, purest, & most authentic lead voices of any musical genre. Her latest albums Dear Sister and Holiday! are musical offerings of love, celebration, & heartfelt connection. This will surely be a memorable event.

Tickets are $25

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