Runs of Life

Runs of Life

Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views

I’m not a super runner, in fact currently, I need a cane to walk. However, running became such a big part of my daughter’s recuperation from a 20-foot fall, that I was eager to read, “Runs of Life” by Ernest Dempsey.

There are so many ways we can interpret the title of this book…the author presents as many inspirational poems to readers, all with the same voice – each with its own relatable message. As I try to recover from my own physical issues, this book gives me a vision of overcoming life challenges and the different ways I have to run my life to adapt. It also gives me hope as I realize my heart is the one running my life now.

There are a few poems that I related to most: “Runs of Life”, “Between Hearts and Horizons”, and “On Top of the World” (which took me to my childhood and reminded me of my inner child).

Dempsey’s poetry is simple in form, complex in meaning. Its message seems evident at first, but the ways it affects the reader’s heart is discovered as the words linger. This was especially true for me on one of my favorites “Runs of Life”.

Overall, “Runs of Life” by Ernest Dempsey is a tiny book in size, a big one in meaning. Needless to say that I loved it and recommend as a five-star poetry pocket book, to be carried and re-read as we run through our lives.

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