Rattle Magazine Starts Annual Anthology of Young Poets

Rattle Magazine Starts Annual Anthology of Young Poets

Rattle magazine has just begun publish an annual stand-alone anthology of poets ages 15 and under: the Rattle Young Rattle  magazinePoets Anthology. The goal of this project isn’t to encourage young writers—though that’s a great bonus. The goal is to give voice to the intensity of childhood, and to remind adult poets and readers of the compelling honesty and inhibition of that age.
How does an eight-year-old respond to global climate change? How does an eleven-year-old process the notion of a beheading? How does a four-year-old experience her mother’s anxiety? These 60 poets may be kids, but they write about most of the things that adults do, and with a depth of understanding that deserves more respect than they’re often given. This is not a cute collection hoping to win your adoration. These are real poems, by talented authors, with important stories to share—stories that are at turns haunting and hilarious, heart-warming and heart-breaking.

Be delighted and inspired, but don’t treat these poets lightly.

2014 Edition: http://www.rattle.com/poetry/children/y2014/

Guidelines for 2015: http://www.rattle.com/poetry/children/guidelines/


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Editor / Rattle
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