Rapid Fire with Chris Murphy

Rapid Fire with Chris Murphy

On Word Matters today we’ll have Orlando-based author and animal rescuer Chris Murphy for a quick chat.

1. Your childhood fantasy

CM: To be bionic, like Colonel Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers

2. Gun or gold

CM: Gun

3. Brown or blue

CM: Blue

4. One thing you can’t live without

CM: Chocolate

5. Paperback or ebook

CM: Paperback

6. Your biggest turn-on

CM: Kindness

7. Rank in order of preference (best first): apple pie, cherries, cookies, French fries, cupcakes

CM: Cherries, cookies, cupcakes, French fries, apple pie

8. If you were to wake up as someone else who would it be?

CM: Warren Buffet, whose fortune I would then give to animal-related charities.

9. Disney World or Niagara Falls

CM: Niagara Falls

10. What does speed-dating makes you think of?

CM: Human loneliness

11. North or south

CM: North

12. One word that describes your life

CM: Unfulfilled

Visit http://www.booksbychrismurphy.com/ to see Chris Murphy’s work.


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