Rapid Fire with Brian C. Schilling

Rapid Fire with Brian C. Schilling

On Rapid Fire today, we have Brian C. Schilling is an awarded Humanitarian, Producer, and Actor whose motivation to make a difference pivots on the spirit of Fearlessness. He is convinced that your Will is immortal and it gets you to your destination in arts and in life. So let’s get Brian’s choice on Rapid Fire.

Brian C Schilling
Brian C. Schilling
  1. Which came in your life first: humanitarianism or art?

Brian Schilling: The Arts came first. After my hockey career, is when my acting career took off!

  1. Spielberg or Cameron

Brian Schilling: Cameron for sure. Love his vision. Plus, he is Canadian. And I’ve heard that he is amazing to work with!

  1. Name two famous movies that perfectly resonate with the filmmaker in you.

Brian Schilling: The Godfather & The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. One thing that defines humanity above everything else

Brian Schilling: Inclusion. L.O.V.E. (“Let Our Violence End”) – Brian C. Schilling.

  1. Shakespeare or Oscar Wilde

Brian Schilling: Oscar Wilde

  1. Odd or Even

Brian Schilling: Odd

  1. If you were one of the planets of our solar system, what would be your name?

Brian Schilling: Schills

  1. Soft or Hard (in music – no pun intended)

Brian Schilling: Soft

  1. Of which foreign, non-Hollywood director you are a fan?

Brian Schilling: Ang Lee

  1. Arcade or beach

Brian Schilling: Beach

  1. Your most haunting memory

Brian Schilling: The birth of my Daughter

  1. A book you could read over and over

Brian Schilling: Skin in the Game

See Brian’s creative work and screen magic at https://www.thinkschilling.com/.


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