Medical Mafia Admits COVID Jabs Interfere with Women’s Menstrual Cycle

Medical Mafia Admits COVID Jabs Interfere with Women’s Menstrual Cycle

After dangerous adverse effects like blood-clotting and heart inflammation caused by the COVID jabs, now the corrupt and criminal health authorities are admitting another alarming effects reported by many girls/women who took the jab when it came out—irregular menstrual cycles.

Soon after the COVID jabs were rolled out and leftist propaganda outlets started selling them to the public, hundreds to thousands of women around the world started reporting changes in their menstrual cycles after taking the COVID shots. No immediate serious investigation was launched into the reports. But incompetent and/or dishonest scientists tried to trash the reports to defend the vaccine.

Now the criminals selling the vaccines are admitting those stories were true. But their deception is at play in full swing while admitting their products affect women’s natural menstrual cycle. A study financially linked to the vaccine industry and COVID vaccine manufacturers tried to downplay the adverse effect of menstrual cycle change in women as “a small change in cycle length” while claiming it did not find an association between menses length and COVID vaccination.

What careful readers can easily find is the study’s compromised nature and approach. The study starts with making excuses for “not actively” collecting information regarding menstrual cycles while studying COVID vaccine effects. It then applies mathematics tactfully to arrive at the desired conclusion: menstrual cycle change is very small and near similar to normal cycle seen in unvaccinated females.

Despite defining vaccines and downplaying the otherwise alarming reports of abnormal menstruation length, the study concludes:

Questions remain about other possible changes in menstrual cycles, such as menstrual symptoms, unscheduled bleeding, and changes in the quality and quantity of menstrual bleeding.

The real assessment of this study is revealed when one looks at its funding. The study is funded by NIH, which is a co-owner of the COVID vaccine patent. In addition, the research team has financial ties to multiple vaccine manufacturers and\or vaccine-linked organizations like the WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (an investor in vaccines), and the pharmaceutical Merck.

study funding

Furthermore, the study didn’t even go through proper peer review process. It states:

Peer reviews are not available, as the Editors completed an expedited review using peer reviews from another journal.

The purpose of the pro-vaccine study funded by NIH is obvious: downplaying the risk of menstrual abnormality in affected women while justifying the continued use of the useless and dangerous COVID vaccines.

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