Prickly Lettuce as Natural Pain Relief Remedy

Prickly Lettuce as Natural Pain Relief Remedy

I have seen prickly lettuce so often in backyard vegetation, gardens, and in the wild. But I never learnt about it (or learn its name) until now when I saw Dr. Dale Brown (The Wild Doc) talking about its health benefits. And it’s through his educational video that I learnt of its medicinal use as a natural painkiller. Dr. Brown’s video is posted below.

Now pain management is the leading medical issues of the day—and always has been I believe since it’s the pain that scares us most about any disease/problem. The mainstream medicine’s practice of managing pain with subscription analgesics, particularly opioids, has become a big problem unto itself—a pain in the behind, if you will. So people desperately turn to more benign alternatives. Hence the quest for natural medicine.

More about prickly lettuce is found on Healthline where we learn that it has long been used as a natural treatment for pain. It is also a mild sedative which means it helps sleep better and has fewer side effects.

It’s always important to read well the side effects and health risks associated with any substance you take—whether mainstream medical prescription, over-the-counter, or any natural remedy. So before you decide to take prickly lettuce for pain management or better sleep, do read about its side effects/adverse effects.

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