Power of Expression in Nick Purdon’s Poetry

Power of Expression in Nick Purdon’s Poetry

Nick Purdon’s poetry gives you a full sensuous experience of the phenomenon of life. In his verse, published in The road shaped heartRoad-Shaped Heart, readers find synesthesia and delirium, the distance between and around the universe, placing human thought and perception, feelings and a characteristic, expressive power of language.

In his recent interview with me, published in Digital Journal, Nick said that he was very language-conscious when writing. In response to my question about language and diction of his lines, he writes:

“I’m always trying to find a different, unique way of expressing something. So the words I use are chosen carefully. I’m always looking for synonyms.”

Nick’s poetry also has a strong, self-conscious sense of personal choice and commitment. He speaks of loyalty to our path.

To him, the big question is: “Is there any poet alive now who will still be remembered and whose work will still be taught in schools and universities in a hundred years time? Five hundred years time?”

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