Pandemic Quackery – Claims of COVID Comeback

Pandemic Quackery – Claims of COVID Comeback

Leftist propaganda and fake science channel NBC has attempted to revive the now debunked COVID-19 pandemic narrative, claiming that COVID is making a comeback and the cases are rising.

In the news clip widely shared on social media, NBC reporters are seen doing a promo for new COVID shots – the so-called boosters – by calling in a doctor who claimed there is a new variant of COVID – EG.5 – that is easily communicable. She did not offer any evidence to back up her claims, making it another agenda-driven pseudo-science story.

Immediately after her claim, the NBC story jumps to the COVID vaccines – the same shown useless and dangerous to public health over the past nearly 3 years, and asks Mandy Cohen, the recently appointed Director at the CDC.

Cohen tells the NBC reporter that the new COVID booster is expected to be approved by the FDA and then CDC will recommend it to the public – an all familiar show of government-pharma partnership with no real science to back up the story sold to the public via corrupt and compromised media.

The NBC talking head asked Cohen whether it will protect against the so-called new strain and she quickly answered yes – reminding of the lies her predecessor Rochelle Welensky told endlessly until she resigned this summer. Cohen has been exposed as a political operative and incompetent but authoritarian liberal in the field of public health.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has previously talked about the so-called EG.5 without offering any real scientific evidence of its existence. The only thing they claim different for this so-called variant is the need for a new booster shot. And that pretty much sums up their science – or the lack thereof.

The manufactured COVID pandemic of 2020 was based on the corporate and political scheme of government-media-medical systems to enslave the world’s population, steal elections, and destroy people’s lives and businesses. In May this year, the Biden administration – which itself was planted in the D.C. via a massively rigged election in 2020 – declared an end to the manufactured pandemic.

Now the Biden admin seems set to bring back the pandemic hoax in the new election season as Biden’s dismal record as a president is widely mocked against his re-election dreams. The big question before the public is how many will comply with the new wave of globalist slavery.

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