Is there Foul Play in Maui Fires?

Is there Foul Play in Maui Fires?

The devastating Maui fires that have caused dozens of deaths and a shocking degree of damage on the Hawaiian island have been in news for days now. Mainstream news sources like Reuters are telling people it’s not exactly know how these fires started. But is there more to the story that is being suppressed or ignored by the mainstream media?

A number of people on social media have posted statements and videos to beware people of not trusting what the media has been telling them, saying that they know the truth about the Maui fires as they are based out of there. Their videos suggest the involvement of foul play in the tragedy that has burnt down large parts of the island. Let’s take a look at a few of these claims that question the mainstream media’s stories.

Matt Wallace posted a series of questions today (August 13) to Twitter, each asking why a certain celebrity’s luxury mansion on Maui was safe from the fires on the island.

Another post on Twitter shares a video with a guy commenting on the fires and possible intentionality behind it in a satirical tone, hinting at a planned destruction of the place so as to be rebuilt with big investment by the forces that caused the locals to flee.

Another video by someone who says he has been a resident there for 9 years also alleges the same motive and rejects the story of a coincidental fire in the most valuable parts of the island.

A BitChute video, dated August 13, of a woman who says she has seen the situation firsthand as she is present on the island added details to the story. She tells that the aid coming from donations is not being provided to the victims of the Maui fires but is being hoarded by organizations that are there to help the victims but are actually doing little for the people.

Some video bloggers have even suggested that the Maui fires are the result of the use of Direct Energy Weapons (DEWs).

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