Pakistan: Polio Vaccination Mob Targets Schools, Corruption Revealed in Vaccine Funds

Pakistan: Polio Vaccination Mob Targets Schools, Corruption Revealed in Vaccine Funds

To continue making money off the international polio vaccination program, Pakistani authorities continue to engage in gross human rights violations across the country. And targeting schools and teachers has become the daily horror story in this web.

The recent reports of a polio vaccination team coming under attack in Karachi (Sindh province) expose yet again the extent to which the government in the country would go in order to impose the polio vaccine on children, without the consent of parents. So while parents are not around, polio vaccination teams raid schools in a neo-Nazi fashion and order children to be lined up for taking polio drops. If the school administration, like the one in this story, refuses to comply, they are accused of “attacking” the polio team and are put through law enforcement—which is another beneficiary of the polio vaccination programs and acts quickly against the accused schools and parents, making arrests and threatening of dire consequences.

Worse yet, media in the country is dead with its strings in the hands of the same corporate forces that pay the authorities to impose the polio vaccine on children. In most cases, media won’t report important details or approach the other side for verification. In this story and others reporting the same incident, for example, the papers/channels don’t mention what the school administration says about the accusation of attack on the vaccination team. Of course there are no pictures of the “damaged vehicle” of the vaccination team or any shred of evidence to support their claims publicly. A one-sided story on a very one-sided issue on multiple propaganda media outlets.

As this horror continues, teachers are literally ordered to leave schools and go door-to-door to administer polio vaccine to children. Teachers who refuse and question that it is their duty to work in polio vaccination (something that is strictly a health department business) are threatened with heavy fines and even termination from their job. Hardly anyone dares protesting or even speaking up publicly against it given that losing their job is the last thing they want or can afford.

The foreign-funded polio vaccination campaign comes as a golden-egg-laying-hen for Pakistani officials who make big money off it in every campaign. Just as a tip of this corporate iceberg, an embezzlement of 200 million rupees ($2 million) was recently reported in polio vaccination campaigns in FATA (tribal) areas of the country.



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