Australian Researchers Develop Revolutionary Water Purification Technology

Australian Researchers Develop Revolutionary Water Purification Technology

This is some big news—not the usual run-of-the-mill “science”—as Australian agency CSIRO’s team has developed a stunning new way of purifying polluted water.

Daily Mail reported (February 15, 2018) that researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) have developed a new water filter membrane made of Graphene, an allotropic form of carbon, which can effectively filter seriously polluted water to safe and drinkable water. Hence the story headline asking Could you soon drink from Sydney Harbour?

Graphene consists of a single layer of carbon atoms and, along with diamond, was considered the hardest-known substance until the title was awarded to Carbyne. The new and amazing water-filtering member made from Graophene is called “GraphAir”. One of the key researchers that take credit for its development, Dr. Seo, was quoted saying that the idea leading to the discovery was pure chance.

The development of GraphAir was called as potentially life-saving for billions of people around the world that fall prey to a variety of diseases caused by polluted drinking water—a problem that is particularly serious in less developed and heavily industrialized countries.

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